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Tina Atendido has been a Texan lawyer since 2017. She started her legal career 18 years ago
working in the appellate and highest courts in the Philippines. She studied law in the University
of the Philippines, arguably the best law school in the country, with law professors coming from
the best law schools in the US. Prior to joining Muery and Farrell, she worked as a general
practice attorney providing legal services for both individuals and corporate clients. She
practiced mostly in the areas of family, immigration, and estate planning, and helped clients,
including nurses, facing administrative complaints navigate the proceedings. She served
corporate clients through contract drafting and review, due diligence, business entity formation
and related concerns. She earned a Master’s degree in Health Law from the University of
Houston. She has a degree of B.A. Political Science from the University of the Philippines-

Tina lives in Rosenberg with her husband and their two kids.

Tina Atendido

Associate Attorney

Phone 737-8080-LAW